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Your site gave my extended essay a plan on how to go about it and made the journey simpler. Although most associated with belief in a God or gods, faith can be religious without being theistic, for example, in Buddhism.

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Woods, thank you so much for your structure for TOK essays. Furthermore, as the bright musical progression indicates, I believe that John Lennon is conveying that intuition too is a bright and positive emotion to possess, despite the uncertain outcome of the emotion.

Memory Can we know things which are beyond our personal present experience. Our intuitions are shaped by this instinct and it is important to listen to good intuitions when you have to make quick decisions which may or may not guarantee your survival.

Woods, your initiative is highly appreciated and needless to say, the resources on this website are helping thousands of students tremendously. The point being made is that in terms of value, intuition plays a major role when it comes to knowing something without reasoning.

Is eyewitness testimony a reliable source of evidence. If you want to talk about imagination in your work, you would do well to contrast the way imagination has been treated in the past. And now taste the difference between lemon and lime — which is more sour.

This can be very useful, especially when we need to make quick decisions. Some people might claim that faith and reason cannot be reconciledthat they are totally different ways of looking at the world, which often conflict.

This has also been called "chunking" by social scientist Herbert Simon Huffington Post. It plays a role in the field of Ethics, for example, as we sometimes intuitively know what is right or wrong. Cognitive scientists have discovered that speakers of a language may, for example, have different intuitions regarding characteristics of nouns, based on their use of gender in the language.

Forum Ways of Knowing: It seems that our intuition and even reason finds it hard to deal with this exponential increase of probabilities Arp, p. Imagination is also sometimes associated with possibility, in that it can be argued that only things which are possible can be imagined.

Emotions have, for example, been criticized as being irrational obstacles to knowledge that distort our picture of reality. There is, therefore, some disagreement as to whether we directly perceive the world as it is, or whether perception is an active process where we supply much of the content of our experiences ourselves.

The naturalistic view of emotions is that they are the products of natural processes, with physiological causes and effects. According to Helen Fisherintuition is a form of unconscious reasoning or reasoning from within, whereby we recognise patterns as we accumulate knowledge.

However, others believe that not only do emotions help make sense of social and cultural experiences and behaviors, but they are also the source of social, ethical and political knowledge by helping us form an understanding of the world around us.

Whenever we notice an experience it is encoded into the memory.

ToK Emotion: Intuition

In response to this it might be worth considering to relevant points. Intuition can also be related to several areas of knowledge.

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Definitely recommending to all my peers. Instead you are accessing the memory which was encoded the last time you thought about that thing. After all, we talk about female 'intuition' and not female' instinct' in this case. Imagination is often identified in a narrow sense as the capacity to form a mental representation of something without the stimulus of sense experience.

In addition, the actual language you speak will also influence your cognition. So, whilst intuitive knowledge can be very useful, the methodologies of areas of knowledge as well as other ways of knowing may be necessary to keep a check of wrong intuitions.

This is effective because many people have an idea of faith that is actually only one way of defining the idea, when there are many to choose from. However, it can be argued that imagination also plays a deeper role, for example, in moral education, developing empathy, or providing opportunity for self-expression and an increased understanding of the self.

Does beauty hold truth, as Keats's poem "Ode to a Grecian Urn" see below suggests. However, we are able to process it on a subconscious level. Intuition is sometimes described as immediate cognition, or knowledge which is immediately evident without prior inference, evidence or justification. What methods to artists use to create art.

You have probably already experienced that some people are more intuitive than others, especially when it comes to understanding the emotions of others. Reason What is the difference between reason and logic.

I find it absolutely incredible that you take the time to answer students and write your posts. One way of defining memory is as the faculty which allows us to retain information and reconstruct past experiences — although like everything else in ToK, it is up to you to think about this definition critically.

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It plays a role in the field of Ethics, for example, as we sometimes intuitively know what is right or wrong. Should you trust your intuition?. Basing decisions and judgements on intuition ex. preferences and taste Plays hand in hand with emotions when decision making Processes sense perceptions quickly in some aspects of creativity Capacity intuition Sunk Cost Fallacy Intuition By Priscilla, Amy, Emily, Mahika, Katrina, Christy, and Susan Break the subject into parts.

Tell how it is made. Ib Tok Role of Intuition Essay Intuition can be generally defined as “the result of one’s instinctive or ‘gut’ feeling rather than their conscious reasoning.” Intuition is natural and critical in the lives of everyone because of its frequency.

Although intuition is important in the aforementioned areas of knowledge, the intuitive knowledge derived from one’s intuition is not a reliable source of knowledge; rather it is a reliable process for an individual to develop their own, unique opinion.

The TOK course is divided into eight ways of knowing: emotion, faith, imagination, intuition, language, memory, reason, and sense perception. These ways of knowing are how we gather our knowledge about the world. Intuition is associated with instinct, and innate knowledge, and is linked to ethics and knowing instinctively the ‘right’ and the ‘wrong’ way to behave.

It is another of the new ways of knowing, and like faith is controversial, with some people believing that it isn’t a valid way of knowing. Within the area of the arts intuition plays a critical role within the creation of an individual’s initial opinion and is often the most valuable contributor to that opinion, even if intuition is not a reliable source of knowledge.

Ib tok role of intuition
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